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    2020 Rule Updates

    Rules for Players & Spectators

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    Please call the RainLine before you leave for the field on days where the weather is threatening.  We will update the RainLine periodically throughout the day.

    League Policy for COVID-19

    We have had a couple of instances recently concerning players who have tested positive for COVID-19. We want to clarify what our rules are for participating in OHIOMSBL games for players who have contracted the disease, and players who have come in contact with those players.

    Any player that has tested positive for COVID-19 may not participate in any OHIOMSBL activity until he has received a "negative" test result for the disease. A copy of that test report must be made available to the league President.

    Any player that comes in close contact with a positive person or player (either in our league or another league) must self-quarantine for 14 days from the date of contact prior to returning to play. Close contact is defined as playing in the same game as the positive player....on either team. If a player chooses, he may obtain a test for the disease, and if found negative, may resume activities as soon as he presents that test result to the league office. Players on the same team as the positive player, but who were not present at a game with the player are not restricted.

    Prior to each game, all players are asked to attest to the fact that they have not knowingly been in close contact to a positive person in the past 14 days.


    2019 OHIOMSBL Champions

    • A2Z SPORTS 2019 Timeless Division 60+ Champs
    • OHIO SIDEWINDERS 2019 Classic Division 55+ Champs
    • SPRINGFIELD 2019 Legend Division 65+ Champs
    • VUKGRIPZ A's 2019 Open Division 25+ Champs
    • RE/MAX INDIANS 2019 Senior Division 45+ Champs



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